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Aftercare starting with waterproof bandage:

Apply waterproof bandage to clean, dry skin after thoroughly washing, patting dry and giving a few minutes of air dry to help adhesion. Do not apply lotion or ointment before the bandage. Leave approximately 1” border of intact skin around tattooed area to create the seal. Once sealed tattoo requires no maintenance while under the bandage. Stay aware of seal on bandage. If the bandage comes unsealed, bandage must be removed and tattoo washed immediately. While it is amazing at keeping your tattoo safe while sealed, when left open it can be a bacterial haven. 


If at any point you notice irritation or redness around edge of bandage, you may be experiencing an allergy to the adhesive of the bandage. You may want to remove to avoid further irritation. If the irritation becomes too pronounced it may cause skin discoloration or scarring. This is usually short-lived but depending on your skin, can be permanent.


You may wear bandage up to 4 days before removing. To remove bandage, we recommend peeling off bandage in the shower. Peel bandage off slowly. Do not try to rip off in a fast motion as the adhesive is quite strong. Wash tattoo immediately after removing bandage. You may then move on to the normal aftercare routine.


Normal aftercare routine:

You will need liquid antibacterial hand soap and a plain white lotion in a pump bottle to care for your new tattoo. (If you have dry skin normally you may prefer to also use an ointment like Aquaphor for up to the first 4 days in place of lotion. Apply ointment as thinly as humanly possible. After day 4, you must discontinue ointment and switch to lotion. Your tattoo will be in the second phase of healing and will need the added moisture of the lotion. Even if you have dry skin ointment is never a requirement.) 


To care for your new tattoo, treat it carefully as it is an open wound. Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo. Wash your tattoo 1-3 times daily with soap. Pay special attention to washing all plasma off tattoo surface during first wash to help prevent scabs forming. 


Always apply lotion after washing. If your tattoo feels dry, tight or itchy you may apply more lotion. You may apply lotion as many times a day as you feel is needed, but only enough that it rubs in completely. Do not glob on to avoid having to reapply. 


Until your tattoo is done healing (approximately 2 weeks on average) do not wear clothing that rubs on your new tattoo. Do not submerge in a bath or pool. Running shower water is clean, standing water is nasty. Do not sizzle your tattoo in direct sunlight or apply sunscreen to freshly tattooed skin. However once you are healed, sunscreen will help with the lifespan of your tattoo. Although tattoo infections are fairly rare, do not expose your open tattoo to dirty environments (ex. Dirty hands, the gym, gardening, pet mouths/fur/feet) as it may contract an infection. If you notice anything questionable during your healing process such as spreading redness, oozing, pus, or bumps, please reach out to us immediately. 916-833-8131

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